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Guangzhou South Railway Station 2023-12-27AKE Project Case

Opened in Jan 2010, Guangzhou South Railway Station (Chinese name 广州南站, Guangzhou Nan) is the four largest high-speed railway station in China that with over 610,000 square metres and has 15 platforms, 28 railway tracks. The Station is located in Panyu District, 17km south of the downtown of Guangzhou. As an interchange station and a terminus between Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high speed railway, Guangzhou-Zhanjiang high speed railway, Guangzhou–Zhuhai intercity railway and Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed Railways, Guangzhou South Railway Station is mainly serving high speed trains, operating 421 highs speed trains and on average has 430,000 entrances and exits per day.

Guangzhou South Railway Station had installed AKE parking management system, taxi dispatch system and intelligent parking information platform years ago. Recently, to meet the growing demand for parking in this huge transportation hub, the management of Guangzhou South Station has renovated the underground parking lot. AKE camera parking guidance system had been installed to monitor over 2,000 underground parking spaces in this enormous terminal. (Model type is camera sensor PVD-21 which also installed or will be installed in HongKong IFC, New Town Plaza III and also Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 2 and other iconic projects in domestic China).

When you have plan to visit Guangzhou and by chance you arrive at this station. Please go downstairs and have a look at this amazing project!

Near by Guangzhou South Station, many terminals also installed AKE parking solution like: Foshan West Railway Station (camera solution PGS) and Shenzhen North Railway Station(ultrasonic solution PGS) !