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AKE appreciate original ideas, market-oriented, service-based innovation. We focus on market innovation, innovative approaches, ideas.
AKE keeps improving according to the market and think outside the box to promote the development of enterprises.
There is original spirit, original market service sense in AKE.
The next step is to go deeper innovation, to expand the whole value chain of services.

We think highly of responsible, honest, pragmatic, dare to self-innovation values.
AKE has a responsible gene.
Be honest people to do practical things.
Keep clam and remain a clear mind. Be frank to yourself. 

Open, sharing, heritage.
Share represents open, sharing and heritage. In AKE knowledge is not for preserving, it should be share with each other. No matter when, AKE trust employees. 


Development is the ultimate goal of the organization, business development and staff development are inextricably linked, promote the development of employee growth, traceable to innovation, pragmatism, to share.