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Our Edge

Cities on earth are facing issues of resource shortage, increasing of populations, environment pollution, etc. With challenges of livability, sustainability and economy, AKE has vision in the future of building a smart city for our home. Start from improving the conventional parking experience. AKE, a future proof enterprise comes with the whole new solution for parking management. We keep refreshing our innovative ideas to step ahead in the parking field. 23 years journey of innovation makes us a expert in parking solutions. No matter indoor or outdoor, street or building, we are delicate in giving you the accurate, reliable and comprehensive solution.

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What we Do

For the City:

  • Improve access to the city, creating more parking spaces.
  • Better service and arrangement for traffic dispersion.
  • Reducing traffic congestion and lowering emissions.
  • New parking experience, improving citizen satisfaction.

For the Parking Property Owner:

  • Real-time traffic and parking data acquired for better management.
  • Saving labor cost and increasing the parking revenue.
  • Offering more options for parking fee paying, low-input with high return.     
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For Driver:

  • Direct perception of available parking space.
  • Remote wireless parking data acquired by APP(mobile), saving time.
  • More convenient in finding car back and easier way to pay parking fee.

  • Based on big data acquisition platform AKE parking solution is inspiring for better livability, sustainability and economy. 

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Camera Sensor Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
PVD-20 DC24V 1 year
Variable Message Sign Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
DIS-13N 735X250 / 1703X250 / 735X250 AC220V±10%, 60Hz 1 year
Car Searching Kiosk Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
DCO-17N22H AC220V±10%, 50Hz 1 year
External Signage Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
1 year