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Indoor PGS-Camera Series

what is Camera parking guidance systemWhat is Camera Parking Guidance System?

AKE Camera Parking Guidance System is an innovative and comprehensive solution for modern car park, which provides outstanding features “Parking Guidance”, “Find Your Car”, “Surveillance”.

Each camera detector provides real-time security, monitors license plates and occupancy for up to 6 parking spaces. Thanks to front-end recognition technology, AKE camera detector can work standalone and define space status independently. Drivers can get parking information from lighted indicator and information signage, and track the parked vehicle location on nearby “Find Your Car” query kiosk.

Parking space status diagram

How does it work?

Check parking space's status via collecting and analyzing the photos data, recognize the vehicle license plate with LPR technology. Different color of the LED indicator will show different status of the parking space, Red-Occupied; Green-Available

LED dispaly and VMS for parking gudiance

Server collect and analyze all space's status information, then release it to entrance led display and VMS (Variable Message Sign). Driver can find the available parking space efficiently according to the guidance in VMS

System structure diagram

Structure diagram for camera PGS-1

Project Case

Camera parking guidance system project case picture-1    Camera parking guidance system project case picture-2

Further Information
As with our other solutions, AKE takes care of the installation process and offers various maintenance options. You can find out the details in our the solution brochure. Go to Download the Brochure

  • Innovative communication technology allows convenient system configuration and cost effective installation
  • Powerful detection capacity: one camera sensor monitors maximum 6 spaces
  • Integrated “Find Your Car” system solves problem of finding a parked car
  • Camera sensor at each space ensures high security inside car park
  • Statistic reports increase value and performance of car park

Download the Installation Brochure
Indoor Camera Parking Guidance System
Find Your Car System
External Signage Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
1 year
Car Searching Kiosk Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
DCO-17N22H AC220V±10%, 50Hz 1 year
Variable Message Sign Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
DIS-13N 735X250 / 1703X250 / 735X250 AC220V±10%, 60Hz 1 year
Camera Sensor Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
PVD-20 DC24V 1 year