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Project Cases

The Macao Science Center

The Macao Science Center was also the first AKE parking guidance system project outside mainland China. This 450 parking spaces underground garage installed AKE ultrasonic parking guidance system in 2009. Until now (2023.3), this project already ran perfectly for over 15 years!

2023-03-14 AKE Project Case
ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai, UAE

ICD Brookfield Place is the Dubai premier lifestyle and business destination. The chosen Parking Guidance System is one of the market leading company in the Middle East: AKE Parking.

2022-04-14 AKE Project Case
The Largest Exhibition Center In The World: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center(Shenzhen World)

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center(Shenzhen World), the largest exhibition center in the world until 2020! AKE provided the whole parking solution(camera parking guidance system and LPR barrier gate system) in this super huge complex. Total serving for over 12,000 parking spaces.

2020-09-16 AKE Project Case
Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur (550 spaces), AKE iconic parking guidance system project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Just next to Petronas Twin Towers.

2020-04-07 AKE Project Case
InterContinental Santiago, Chile

InterContinental Santiago is located in El Golf district, only 601 m from Santiago' s World Trade Center. AKE installed this project in 2012 and until now still work perfectly according to our client current update.

2020-03-31 AKE Project Case