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The Macao Science Center 2023-03-14AKE Project Case

The Macao Science Center (Centro de Ciência de Macau in Portuguese) is a science museum located in Macao. It opened to the public in December 2009. The Science Center is a popular destination for visitors to Macao, and it features a variety of interactive exhibits and educational programs on topics such as astronomy, physics, biology, and environmental science. The building itself is also an impressive architectural feat, featuring a distinctive conical shape and a facade that reflects the surrounding waterfront.

The Macao Science Center was also the first AKE parking guidance system project outside mainland China. This 450 parking spaces underground garage installed AKE ultrasonic parking guidance system in 2009. Until now (2023.3), this project already ran perfectly for over 15 years!

The photos we took by cellphone when we visited Macao for business trip in February 2023 are as follow.

Seeing is believing. This a typical example for AKE product quality and durability!