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Smart Parking

Smart parking introduction
AKE smart parking adopting the advanced video front-end identification technology, geomagnetic technology, wireless networking technology. AKE leads the intelligent parking management, and promotes the intelligent technology to a new level. In the future, AKE will continue to provide comprehensive parking management services for customers, and make the best use of all parking data to bring about green, reliable, interactive and high-efficiency for parking operators, drivers, city managers, investors, etc. 

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The advanced sensing network technology, wireless communication technology, mass data management technology, distributed database integration management technology and three-layer system network database structure are adopted. It’s durable and efficient in operation. It is at the advanced level in the industry.

The system supports the conversion between multiple format data, and is compatible with various kinds of end equipment. the original system operation habit is considered as far as system deployment, and the users are enabled to adapt to the new system within a short time.

The software & hardware’s  re-development, the network system, database system and information communication hub which adopts the standard data interface are all supported to data exchange and sharing with other systems.

The system design sticks to high accessibility principle, providing an open structure, and meets relevant standards in order to guarantee the seamless integration between the system and other application systems. Both the software and hardware interfaces support data communication in unique standard. The communication end is of multi-interface structure meeting different requirements of governmental management and end users’.

The network access interface adopts dedicated firewall system to prevent the vicious intrusion from unauthorized users. Internal employees and dispatch clients will have open authorities at different levels, and is able to operate different system to realize the self-inspection, real-time monitoring and automatic failure alarm & detection as well as self-recovery capacity of the network.

The operation is easy, simple, convenient and high-efficient. Functions accuracy, rapidness and practicability are highlighted so as to facilitate workers to conduct the business processing and integrated management. leaders and managers can check different statistic and decision-making information timely.

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