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Outdoor PGS

Outdoor Parking guidance system

Geomagnetic PGS

The Geomagnetic detector is based on the geomagnetism sensing, wireless data transmission and low power consumption technologies, judges whether a vehicle is parked in the parking space by detecting the change of the parking space geomagnetic variation, and wirelessly transmits the detection results to the geomagnetic controller.

Working Process

Detects vehicles by analyzing the change of geomagnetic field; Information detected by detector (presence, flow, speed, etc.) will be transmitted wireless to the controllers installed at roadside.

System Structure Diagram

Further Information

  • As with our other solutions, AKE takes care of the installation process and offers various maintenance options. You can find out the details in our the solution brochure. Go to Download the Brochure

  • 100% wireless in both communication and power supply
  • High detection accuracy (geomagnetic+infrared double detection technology)
  • High adaptability to hash environment (IP68)
  • Inbuilt battery, 18AH, 5-year autonomy
  • Ad-Hoc Network
  • Withstands over 15 tons of pressure 
  • Compact cylinder design, easy to install
  • Buried underground, maintenance - free

Download the Installation Brochure
Outdoor parking guiance system work process video
Outdoor Wireless LED Module Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
DOM 400×200 / 512×256 / 640×320 5000 AC 220V 1 year
Geomagnetic Sensor Zonal Controller Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
CMC-18A 364.8X94.5X285 5000 AC 220V 50Hz 1 year
Infrared Geomagnetic Detector Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
PMD-19Q(AB) Φ98X60 330 18AH 1 year