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Urban PGS

AKE Urban Parking Guidance System

Applying wireless technology, AKE Urban Parking Guidance System acquiring the whole city’s car parking information and displays real-time parking availability on dynamic guidance board at urban arterial road. The real-time information can be checked on guidance screen, mobile phone, vehicle navigator, website log-in and AKE service application. Data calculation & analysis are regularly done in the controlling system to show the equipment operating status, space available ratio and the real time parking information.

Further Information

  • As with our other solutions, Parkhelp takes care of the installation process and offers various maintenance options. You can find out the details in our the solution brochure. Go to Download the Brochure

  • Strong compatibility: on-street parking, parking guidance system and other systems can be easily integrated.
  • Convenient construction & maintenance: wireless communication technology is adopted to simplify wiring construction and realize easy maintenance.
  • Excellent performance: the system is fast responding and broadcast information of available parking space in a real-time and accurate manner. 
  • Real-time Information Displaying: on guidance screen along urban main roads(outside and inside the parking lot), vehicle navigator, website, APP (mobile).

Download the Installation Brochure
Urban LED Information Signage Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
DOM AC 220V 1 year