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Parking Management System

Camera parking management system adopts integrated barrier gate to achieve high efficient in entrance/exit management.

The smart barrier is integrated with vehicle license plate recognition HD camera, flashing light, VMS, auto barrier, controller machine, parking management software, etc. With simple hardware combining the smart software, to realize non-stop at the entrance/exit.

           Integrated barrier

Integrated barrierBasic Function

1.Camera Entrance/Exit Management:

The smart gate can automatically scan the vehicle license plate, then let go the vehicle.

2.Parking Fee Collection Management:

Under man power collection, computers or Pad(mobile) will be used. If installed with auto-pay machine, drivers can pay on it 

before getting to the exit, realizing non-stop at the exit.

Software Function

1.Traffic Volume Analyze:

Analyzing operation efficiency base on data acquisition at entrance/exit in order to increase revenue.

2.Paying Method Analyze:

Data of customer paying methods, payment amount can be collected in order to analyze and monitor the operation status.

3.System Online Control:

Monitor the equipment operating status and ready for fault alarming.

4.Human Resource: Management:

Manage staff basic information, shifting, working record, etc.

5.Customer Parking Classification

Set up classification for temporary/monthly/VIP, Black and White List management.

6.Parking Finance Management:

Camera counts the access vehicles so to calculate receivable amount. Accurate money reconciliation and analyze. 

AKE Parking solutions has integrated all PGS and parking management systerm through out the whole parking process. 

Integrated solutions for parking management

Guiding System

When drivers get into the parking lot, there will be VMS displaying numbers and directions to show the occupied/available 

parking space. By camera, ultrasonic, geomagnetic sensor to detect parking space status. Meanwhile, loop detectors to 

detect traffic volume and consolidating instant data to the control system. Everything will be in control under sophisticated 

data acquisition.

Auto Charging System

Paying the parking fee will be more flexible in AKE solution. There will be auto-paying machine, or mobile APP solution. No 

need to stay long at the parking exit.

Car Finding System

Finding the parked vehicle in the big parking area will be much more easier with AKE solutions. Drivers can check the parked 

vehicle location by inputting various info. Like car entrance time, license plate number, parking space number etc. Or by swiping 

the parking card on the query machine. Best route will be show to the driver to help finding it fast and efficient.

Admin Management Platform

All collected data will be managed in the admin platform. For example, the car parking time, parking position, occupied/available 

status, car volume, etc. AKE integrates Graphic User Interface screens (GUIs) displaying the real-time status of each detector, 

dynamic sign, and if necessary connected parking revenue control system (PRCS) equipment, CCTV. The status of each space 

detector, dynamic sign can be monitored and manually controlled. Reports can be generated to assist in managing the car park. 

In AKE Parking Management System everything has been newly considered and renovated for an easier parking life.

Further Information
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For Developer:
  • Increase Car Parking Space
  • Improve operation efficiency, reduce cost
  • Faster turnaround of available spaces means increased revenue
  • Better control in car park management
  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Comprehensive management statistics
  • Enhance the value of your property

To Driver:
  • Improve parking satisfactions
  • Save time and energy
  • Clean air, reduce automobile emission;

Further Information
You can find out more details with us. Please contact us with:
Automatic Vehicle Barrier Gate Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
GIA-20 AC220V 1 year
PMS Controller Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
SAC-20 AC220V 1 year
Voice Intercom Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
GPT-20YNY AC220V 1 year