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“Thankful for Striving Together and Innovative Sail” 2015 New Year Gathering 2015-04-20

“Thankful for Striving Together and Innovative Sail” 2015 New Year Gathering
Suns and moons show in new circle, here comes another spring. 28th January Guangdong AKE 2014 annual summary and 2015 new year gathering was held in Minai holiday inn. Company headquarters staff and the marketing representatives get together to enjoy the event.

Chairman Open Speech in 2015 New Year Gathering

Chairman Open Speech

Chang Wen-fei, chairman made the opening speech, A review of the 2014 achievements, he said, "In our work, we will encounter various difficulties, but as long as we are vigilant and keep a sense of crisis, keep innovating, keep changing, I believe, we will achieve sustained progress, AKE will grow faster."

People-oriented, Rewarding Outstanding
Outstanding colleagues are awarded in the annual gathering. Results of the awards: Zhang Run and other four employees awarded the "Award for outstanding new employees"; Luojie Ru Shao Ning and other seven employees were awarded "Outstanding Staff Award departmental level"; also awarded the "Special Contribution Award", "Annual Sales Champion Award", "Five-years Contribution Award "," Outstanding Department Award "," The Most Valuable Employees Award "and the" Ten-years Contribution Award. "Recognition not only affirmed their efforts and the creation of excellent results over the past year, also it motivate and inspire everyone in AKE to endeavour in the future.

Happy Laughter to Celebrate AKE’s Take Off

This annual gathering also provides employees with a stage show themselves. All kinds of wonderful performance our colleague has brought to us. We enjoy it with applause and laughter all night. 

2015 New Year Gathering (1)

2015 New Year Gathering (2)

2015 New Year Gathering (3)

Finally the annual gathering come to the end. We say good bye to 2014 and welcome the new 2015, we look forward to our bright future, we look forward to glory.