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AKE and Huawei Joined Forces Together to Create Intelligent Parking Management 2015-04-21

AKE and Huawei joined forces together to create intelligent parking management

Good news again, AKE won the parking guidance project of huawei base, joined force with Huawei to build intelligent management for Huawei base parking lot. Bringing Huawei's customers, employees a more comfortable, efficient parking experience.

AKE and Huawei Joined Forces Together to Create Intelligent Parking Management

Huawei in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing base, are Huawei's four major cities to establish a research, engineer and production as one high-end industrial base; Shenzhen Huawei Sakata base located in Longgang District, an area of 1.3 square kilometers, is composed of training centers, research centers, test centers, administrative centers, production centers, data centers, machining centers, other distinctive centers and Baicaoyuan staff apartment group. It provides staff a beautiful, clean, comfortable working environment, the entire base underground parking spaces totally 4000;
Huawei Beijing base is located in Haidian District, Beijing, with a total area of 96,317.9 square meters, a total construction area of 147,751.56 square meters, technology and facilities (labs, software production area) dominated the entire base, the underground parking spaces totally 1000;
Huawei Shanghai base is located in Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao Development Zone, a total area of 316,653 square meters building, is composed of a 6 floor building which included software production, office area and ground floor, underground parking and a staff restaurant. Underground parking spaces totally 1500;
Huawei Nanjing base is located in Nanjing Yuhuatai District Software Avenue 101 Jiangsu Province, underground parking spaces totally 1500;
These four Huawei bases, underground parking spaces together 8000.
Huawei Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing base, there is  a total of 8000 parking spaces, but car ownership in Huawei is very huge, and there are many customers vehicles, parking in Huawei base is not easy nowadays. Lack of the necessary parking guides, vehicles blindly travel around, vehicles heavy emission, so air quality is not good in Huawei base.
In order to solve the difficult problem, to improve customer parking experience, building green parking lot, Huawei launched the massive renovation project for four bases to increase parking spaces with AKE parking guidance system.
Several parking industrial company have attend the bid as well. AKE parking guidance as industry pioneer, with 18 years of technical accumulation, with industry-leading technology, top quality, excellent after-sales service and cost-effective products and solutions, won the bid. The project adopted ultrasound sensor practicality which has obtained national patent certification and "data filtering" technology to effectively prevent interference of adjacent detectors misjudge each other.
After several rounds of comparative analysis, considering quality, service and cost factors, they ultimately select  AKE as project equipment suppliers.
Currently the project is under process. After the successful cooperation with CITIC, Wanda, Wanke and Poly groups, now we have new Huawei group, another big corporation to work together. We believe that with AKE’s product quality and the perfect after-sale service Huawei group is going to build a green parking lot and provide the highest quality parking experience. This will greatly enhance the excellence impression of Huawei group. 
Also it has laid a solid foundation for deeper cooperation of Huawei and AKE for the future projects.