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​AKE Street Parking Solution for Dongyang City, Zhejiang 2015-04-21

AKE Street Parking Solution helps Solving the Parking Problem for Dongyang City, Zhejiang

Dongyang City is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province with an area of 1739 square kilometers, it’s a historic and cultural city. To effectively deal with the awful parking situation and arbitrary charges in city road side parking Dongyang City decided to implement the AKE street parking project, so to make reasonable utilization of parking resources, and to specify the parking fees collection. The first phase core road: Wuning Dong Road and Piaoping Road, totally 200 spaces, using magnetic detector, hand-held pos machine and street parking software to realize parking fee data exchange and easing the crowded street parking situation.

The project contains totally 200 parking space, every space is installed with one magnetic sensor detector, data wireless transmit to zonal controller in RF470 way, through Telecom 3G wireless transmission to the data server then the background synchronise it to the handset for fast charging. They planed in man collecting in the early period and combine with citizen card to pay in the coming future.

AKE focused on data acquisition, transmission, processing and application. Also applying the cloud computing technology for the intelligent parking industry. Street parking system is our own R&D product with mature and stable function, protection class IP68, battery life guarantee for 5 years, high accuracy detection, automatic license plate recognition, fast data transmit, background software humane management, clarity of financial statements to facilitate supervision, the system is compatible with WCDMA and CDMA2000 standard, it’s the industry leader.

Currently, Dongyang street parking systems have been set up well, is in trial operation. We believe with AKE street parking systems, parking problems, like parking congestion and arbitrary fee collection, will be solve in the near future. This opens a new chapter for the street parking management.