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Smart City Constructing Acceleration, Good Opportunity in Parking Guidance Field 2015-04-20

Smart City Constructing Acceleration, Good Opportunity in Parking Guidance Field

With the fast economic development of the city, cars are greatly increased, parking is becoming more and more difficult in the city. Guangdong AKE is active in the innovative development to solve the parking problem, to promote intelligent parking, easy parking, continuously pushing the development of a smart city.

Chongqing Headquarter Plaza_big size picture

Chongqing Headquarter Plaza

Ultrasonic Guiding System, Fast Parking Guidance

Chongqing Headquarters Plaza is located in Chongqing New North Zone 010-12 / 01 plots, covering 103.9 acres, with a total investment of 1.51 billion yuan, with a total construction area of 267,000 square meters, composing by a super high-rise landmarks and 18 office buildings, it will become the well-known corporate gathering headquarters.

The project is composed of two parts, the ground and underground park(two floors under ground), a total of 2,020 parking spaces. The project is installed with AKE parking guidance system. AKE ultrasound guidance system using real-time detection of the number of occupied spaces, display the remaining number of parking spaces, fast directing to park vehicles, reduce vehicle emissions and improve the parking operation, improve customer satisfaction, giving owners the intelligent parking service.

Intelligent Parking Guidance System, Easy Parking

Qingdao Maritime Festival

Qingdao Maritime Festival

Qingdao Maritime Festival is a 76 million square meters of commercial complex, including residential, five-star hotel, indoor and outdoor amusement parks and shopping malls, is the world's first mega indoor water recreation, commercial integrated tourism projects.

Parking in underground, phase 1 is a mall part, a total of 1108 parking spaces, phase 2 is the hotel and the Ice Palace, where the hotel parking 1223 spaces, the Ice Palace has 109 parking spaces.With AKE intelligent parking guidance system, totally 2440 parking spaces were designed. Provides a rich query management tools to smooth the driver’s parking experience.

With more than ten years of practical experience and continuous exploration in creating comprehensive, sophisticated parking management solutions. AKE helps to make the parking convenient in Chongqing Headquarters Plaza and Qingdao Maritime Festival. User-friendly intelligent management will provide people with a more intimate and more comfortable office experience, pleasure and bring more popularity. AKE is seizing the market opportunities in parking guidance field to be the wisdom parking pioneer!