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2014 Security China Expo, AKEs video parking guidance solutions draw wide attention 2015-03-11China

With the release of numerous products and technologies in the fruitful autumn, the 2014 China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security (2014 Security China) was wrapped up on October 31.

AKE showed up with a collection of core products such as video parking guidance system, parking management system, cloud service operation platform, Alipay service window and urban road parking solution, drawing wide attention. Numerous visitors made inquiries and negotiations about these products, acclaiming AKE's tremendous strength in parking guidance.

Platforms become highlights, AKE pioneers mobile payment tide.

At the exhibition, AKE focused on presenting its parking management platform and cloud service operation platform. The platforms became focuses of attention which attracted visitors endlessly for experience. As the core products under AKE's future platform strategy, they made visitors intuitively experience the convenience and technical content of AKE's overall solutions.

AKE's another highlight was its mobile product. AKE has launched "AKE Parking" connected to Alipay. Via the service window, users can access numerous functions such as stall search, parking payment and payment record query. AKE's unique front-end video recognition technology, combined with mobile payment, can greatly enhance uses' parking experience. Visitors all took out mobile phones for scanning and gave unanimous praise.

                                                     AKE's Parking management system and service operation platform

                                                                                  AKE's new product: parking meter

AKE also presented appealing technologies such as parking guidance system, self-service payment & query machine, urban road parking charge solution and front-end video recognition, which attracted domestic and foreign visitors for consultation. Particularly, the self-service payment & query machine combining reverse query and self-service payment and the parking meter supporting payment through swiping and scanning impressed visitors deeply, showing AKE's foresight and tremendous strength in the parking industry once again.

                                                               A foreign friend visited for consultation

During the exhibition, many industrial outlets invited AKE for exclusive interviews in the hope of soliciting AKE's unique views on intelligent parking, video guidance and platform operation. AKE told the press that it would develop in the direction of video and platform, the direction of full-unattended operation and non-perceptive entry & exit, and the direction of integrated and targeted industrial solutions in the future.