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Cornerstone laying ceremony of AKE marks new era highlight 2015-04-14China

On October 23, 2014, the cornerstone laying ceremony of AKE took place at Shishan Town. CEO Chang attended the blessing ceremony, lay Buddhist Li Hanbin presided over the ceremony and AKE's staff burned incense. The ceremony marks the beginning of AKE's Shishan project and dream. Every staff member of AKE dreams that AKE will have a bright future. The ceremony is the beginning of AKE's new era, we bless that AKE's dream will come true! 


Highlights of AKE's history

Set sail for market 
AKE was founded in 1997 as a small-sized private enterprise with less than 20 employees. Keen AKE nosed out the huge market potential of central air-conditioning billing and marched into the market. Over the years, AKE has conducted steady operations, and moved forward step by step by with tremendous technical strength and keen market insight, so as to become an outstanding enterprise in this field. 


Rise like morning sun 

In consideration of its future development, AKE moved to Hantian Technology City in 2008 to reshape its market layout. The movement not only created a bright and cozy working environment for AKE, but also provided a broader market. From air-conditioning metering to parking guidance and heating metering, AKE has grown strong constantly. 

Make a figure 
Smart city and building energy efficiency is a promising industry with huge space for industrial appreciation. AKE seized the huge market potential to make a figure. In 2010, AKE became a designated service provider for China's largest commercial property developer--Wanda Group, AKE's products and solutions have been applied to over 80 percent of Wanda Plaza nationwide and been praised by cooperative enterprises. AKE has kept expanding market space with its business volume growing constantly 


Grow through shareholding reform 
2012 is a turning point for AKE. That year, AKE was named "Guangdong AiKe Technology Co., Ltd." through the shareholding reform. AKE has tided over the tough stage of exploration and seen in a new dawn. Thanks to perseverance, AKE's team has kept expanding with new blood injected constantly, and the original small-sized private enterprise has developed into a joint-stock enterprise. This has impressed AKE's industrial peers. 

AKE introduces 2nd-round venture investment to restart 

On the afternoon of June 19, 2014, CITIC Environment Protection Co., Ltd. signed an investment cooperation agreement with AKE in a joint bid to promote smart city development. The cooperation pushed forward AKE's resource integration, marking the end of AKE's second-round shareholding reform. At the new starting line, AKE is poised for a new round of market competition! 

AKE is still on the way. It has developed for 17 years and will keep going to become a "century-old enterprise" in the coming 50 to 100 years. You will witness the future of AKE!