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Find Your Car

Query Kiosk for finding your car

What is "Find Your Car system"?

It is a smart system to help drivers to find their cars within the shortest time. By inputting license plate number, parking entrance time or parking space number, car owners can check the car location easily and it will show the best route to your car. Meanwhile cars without license plate can also be monitored.

Further Information
As with our other solutions, AKE takes care of the installation process and offers various maintenance options. You can find out the details with us. Please contact us with:

  • Faster turnaround of available spaces.
  • Eliminate stress and frustration when looking for the car.
  • Saves precious time-especially in airports, train station, shopping mall etc.

Download the Installation Brochure
Find Your Car System
Car Searching Kiosk Parameters
Model Size(mm) Weight(g) Power Input Guarantee
DCO-17N22H 600X465X1138 35000 AC220V~50-60Hz 1 year