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Congratulate AKE on winning the bid for the intelligent parking management system of Foshan Nanhai Vanke Plaza 2015-03-11China

Project overview

Foshan Nanhai Vanke Plaza is Vanke's first large HOPSCA in Guangfo City as well as the first subway station complex on the golden line of Guangfo. With an area of some 89,000 square meters, the project involves forms such as housing, mall and office building. It is bound to be a new landmark in Guicheng.

Demand analysis

The project involves a two-story double-entry & double-exit underground park (second underground floor and third underground floor) with 602 parking spaces on the second underground floor and 275 parking spaces on the third underground floor. The park needs functions such as parking space guidance, vehicle locating system and entry & exit (access) toll management.

Demand analysis

By a dozen years' practical experience and constant exploration, AKE has worked out all-round mature park management solutions. The project features a one-on-two all-video parking space guidance & reverse lookup system (vehicle locating system) through which a detector can detect two parking spaces simultaneously. The system identifies license plates through the video detector so that owners can easily find parking spaces through the information guidance screen upon entry into the park, easily position cars without swiping cards, and need only to enter plate numbers into the inquiry machine at the elevator entrance in order to find their cars after shopping. AKE provides consistent and convenient parking space guidance & reverse lookup (vehicle locating ) services purely by video which perfectly tallies with Vanke's high-grade orientation.